Massage Therapy
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Therapeutic Massage Therapy

  Therapeutic Massage Therapy   This  massage  treatment  involves  routine  movements consisting of  a superficial, light massage to warm the blood,  moving to a deeper effort which will break up adhesions,  scar tissue and increasing inflammation.  A   superficial   touch   follows,   to  decrease  inflammation  along   with increasing  circulation.  This  method  will  help  decrease soreness after treatment.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  Hot Stones   This  massage  is  performed  with  hot  lava stones covered in oil.  Heat from  applied  stones  infuse  the  muscles   while  rhythmic  movements enhance relaxation and decrease any signs of stress  leading  to a calmer more peaceful you.

Visceral Manipulation

  Visceral Manipulation   Visceral Manipulation is a manual therapy consisting of a gentle, hands-on mobility that encourages the viscera and their connective tissue to improve motility to their optimum. It is recommended for clients who experience neck, shoulder and back pain, stomach discomfort, sciatica and pelvic pain.

CranioSacral Therapy

  Delux Foot Treatment   CranioSacral  Therapy  is   a   gentle,   hands-on  method  enhancing  the function  of  the  CranioSacral  system.  This  system is comprised of the membranes  and  cerebrospinal  fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Using a soft touch, the practitioner releases restrictions in  the  CranioSacral  system  to  improve  the  functioning of the central nervous  system.   CST  is  increasingly   used  as  a   preventive   health measure for  its  ability to  bolster resistance to disease and is effective for  a  wide  range   of   medical  problems  associated   with   pain   and dysfunction.