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COVID-19 Massage Guidelines


Once you arrive at your massage therapy treatment, things might look a little different, and you may be asked to behave a little differently than you would have in the past. When you arrive at your massage therapy appointment you will:

  • Be required to wash your hands. You will see signage outlining proper hand washing procedures.
  • Be screened again for COVID-19 to ensure your status has not changed.
  • Be asked to provide your name and phone number in a log to be used for potential future contact tracing. You may choose to refuse to provide this information.
  • Bring a disposable or reusable mask, which you will be asked to wear for the duration of the treatment. If you do not have a mask, your RMT may be able to provide one, and if you have a health condition that makes wearing a mask difficult, your RMT will use their professional judgment to assess the risks of continuing a treatment. If you have any concerns about wearing a mask, contact your RMT in advance. Your RMT will also be wearing a mask.
  • See signage at entrances and reception areas that outline the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, what to do if one is at risk, and how to limit transmission, including signage reiterating the requirement to wear a mask and wash your hands before proceeding.


While the treatment will remain as normal as possible, there will be a couple of changes.

  • You will be asked to wear your mask during the treatment.
  • Your RMT will also be wearing a mask at all times.


After your appointment and as you go to pay and leave the clinic, things might be a little different as well.

  • If you’ve gotten paper receipts in the past, it is likely that your RMT will have gone paperless if possible, to discourage touching any shared surfaces. This would include digital options for all necessary paperwork and forms.
  • Many RMTs will encourage non contact forms of payment if possible, e.g. tap with a debit or credit card, and discourage use of cash.
  •  While you are not receiving massage therapy treatment, you should maintain a 2 meter distance from your RMT.

Although the treatment environment and the procedures you are expected to follow might be a little different, what remains the same is RMTs’ commitment to the health and safety of their patients. During this unprecedented time, RMTs are working hard to ensure they can provide you with the health care you need as safely as possible.